Page 194: A Case of the Mondays by Sam Finer

A Case of the Mondays by Sam Finer

“The El Paso County Medical Examiner stated that neither an autopsy nor toxicological tests were possible due to the nature of the accident and the condition of the remains.”

I saw some pictures of a man today –
or what used to be one, anyway.

He was filtered
through the turbine of a 737.
Dented blades ground bone to powder.
Burned crisps blasted out behind.
Scraps of red ringed around the bowl
with a lump of melted fat pooling
on the rim, probably dripping
onto the runway with the rest of him.

At least it was over fast.

I only knew what he used to be –
an unlucky mechanic, hard at work –
because of the article above that warned
in the language of premium pay-per-view:


The CEO of Boeing (I think)
extended her condolences.
“Incidents like these have happened
in the past,” she said,
“but rarely.”

I felt distraught for him,
and for all those who had known him before
he gained worldwide fame
as a stain.

But my most heartfelt sympathies go out to
the other one;
the man who had no choice
but to clean up the mess his partner left him.

The smell must have been terrible.


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